This is My Team Fostering - September 2020

What does it mean to be part of Team Fostering?

2020 has been an unexpected year for plenty of us, but as we head into September, we reach a period of change - seasons turning, children returning to schools and for many people, a time to reflect on the summer and make new choices or find new goals in life.

Here at Team Fostering, we're launching our brand new campaign, 'This is My Team Fostering'. We work with a huge amount of children, carers, staff and others each day who tell us how much they value their relationships with us. So this month, we thought we'd share some of those kind words, to give a flavour of what life is like when you're part of Team Fostering. 

Team Fostering was set up in the North East in January 2001 by Peter Richardson and Walter Young, who wanted to develop a fostering agency that wasn’t driven by profit. They were passionate about ensuring that children’s futures were at the heart of everything the agency does.  With no stakeholders, profits are reinvested back into the business to provide a high level of support and competitive levels of pay to foster carers, assisting them to make a genuine, lifelong difference to the lives of vulnerable young people.

Allison, one of Team Fostering’s original foster carers said: “Team began as a small group with big dreams to provide quality care to children and young people as a not-for-profit agency. Fostering has continued to change since the agency began and Team have adapted during the years to take on those changes but still provide the best possible service to the children.”

Here on this page, you'll find videos and blogs we'll be posting throughout the month from staff, carers and others explaining why working with Team Fostering is a huge part of their lives, and you'll be able to follow our social media posts online using the hashtag #MyTeamFostering on twitter at @teamfostering, Instagram at @team_fostering and Facebook at 




Being a Team Fostering foster carer isn’t simply a job - it’s a lifestyle, a family."

Joining Team Fostering can be as life-changing for our foster carers as it is for our young people. We asked our carer Helen to explain how in our first blog post. Click here to read more.


What does Team Fostering mean to you, when you've been here since the very beginning?

We interviewed Recruitment Social Worker Douglas to hear more about the stories that keep him coming to work with a smile every day.

"I am now mum, wife and Principal Placements Officer all under one roof… I felt like I need to be Superwoman (which I am not!)"

Staff member Liz explains how her fantastic team have supported her to feel a little more like a superhero in our latest blog post. Click here to read more.

Last week we explored #MyTeamFostering from our staff's view - this week, we sat down with North East carer Viv to find out how fostering has made a difference to her life, and what it is that's so unique about working with Team Fostering.

"To anyone thinking about becoming a foster carer, if you have the room not only in your house but in your heart then I say wholeheartedly, do it."

Foster carer Sarah reflects on the memories she'll keep from her time with Team Fostering. Click here to read more.


Sometimes the work we do at Team Fostering brings out our creative side - like Placements Officer Rachel, inspired into poetry by the often moving experiences she has in matching young people with their ideal foster carers.