This is My Team Fostering - Sarah's Story

This is My Team Fostering - Sarah's Story

18 September 2020

This September, we’re exploring what Team Fostering means to the many different people who know us best. Our foster carers, our staff and the young people we support all share their views in a brand-new campaign; ‘This is My Team Fostering’.

One of the things we’re always aware of is how much of an impact fostering can have on your life. While many of our carers come to join Team Fostering and remain with us for a long time, we know that with such a diverse mix of foster carers that many people are at different stages of their lives, and circumstances often change.

So when we heard that fantastic carer Sarah was moving on from fostering, we asked her to reflect honestly on working with Team Fostering, and share the stories and memories she’ll keep from her experiences in fostering with us.  

“I have been a single foster carer with Team Fostering for nearly 4 years. It has been a really rewarding time, there have been some hard times too but with the amazing support from everyone who works for this agency, it has made it so much easier to cope with. All the staff are fantastic and their patience with me has been second to none. They have guided me along my journey as I supported the young people through their lives. They were there to celebrate the highs with me and they supported me during the lows.”

“My time with Team is coming to an end as my circumstances are changing, but I will never forget all the fun activities I have attended; the annual Team holiday, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, all the days out in the school holidays, there are too many to mention. There is so much to do that the young people never get bored.”

“I have so many memories and achievements from working with Team Fostering, but for me the one that stands out is one young man I looked after who was always in trouble at school, he had regular detentions for fighting, not doing homework and messing about in class. We worked together over time and he slowly turned himself around and became the highest merit points scorer, not only in his year but the whole school, and at his Achievements Celebration evening, some of his teachers stayed behind as they wanted to be there to see him get his award as they were so proud of him. I will never forget the pride on his face as he got his award.”

“So, to anyone thinking about becoming a foster carer, if you have the room not only on your house but in your heart then I say wholeheartedly, do it. Its life changing not only for the children but yourself too. It’s not easy sometimes but the small gains along the way make it all so worthwhile. “

“Team Fostering have so much to offer too -  the training is second to none, there is a course for everything you need and every step you take they are there by your side. I have met and made some lifelong friends during my time and will miss being a foster carer very much, but I have some wonderful memories to take away with me.”

You can read more more about the 'This is My Team Fostering' campaign here, and follow it on social media using the #MyTeamFostering hashtag.

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