Team Fostering: Latest News: Could you foster a teenager in need of a loving home?
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Could you foster a teenager in need of a safe and loving home?

16 October 2020

Team Fostering is recruiting a diverse range of foster carers, needed to look after children and young people of different ages and of different backgrounds.

We often hear from potential foster carers who have a very specific idea of the age ranges they’d like to care for. At Team Fostering, we see a range of children referred to us for a loving home, and this regularly includes teenage children. In 2015 research showed that 2 in 5 of fostered teenagers were already living with their 3rd fostering family, and 5% living with their 10th family in care.

Moving from home to home can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of young people, lowering consistency and the likelihood that they will have a strong sense of being at home - a problem further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

At Team Fostering we have a renowned matching service, with our Placements Teams working hard to ensure that there is a strong match between a young person and a fostering family before speaking to the family about taking in the child. Matching young people, including teenagers, with a family that has the right skills to meet their needs will be of huge benefit, increasing the chances of the young person building relationships with the family through positive experiences.

Teenagers in foster care have similar needs to children who live at home; loving, stable surroundings and support from a parental figure. They need people who have patience, kindness and humour helps too. Support for young people at this stage in their life is crucial, and as a foster carer you can feel rewarded for having such a positive impact on their lives.

Team Fostering is a not-for-profit fostering agency covering the North East, Yorkshire and East Midlands. To learn more about fostering teenagers with Team Fostering, and to learn more about the training, fees and support you'd receive, you can reach us in the following ways: