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Our Matching Process


Once you have been approved as a Team Fostering foster carer, you'll meet your allocated supervising social worker. This person will be your designated worker and will provide support and guidance to you throughout your fostering journey.


As well as your allocated supervising social worker, you'll meet our dedicated 'Placements Team' shortly after your approval at the agency. The team will be based locally to you and will spend time learning about your family, household and background. This gives us the knowledge and familiarity we need to match children and young people whose needs align with your skills and abilities.

We will only make a match recommendation if we strongly believe that the child/ren would be an appropriate fit with your family and household, and we refer back to your Form F to further assure this. At Team Fostering, it is part of the agency's ethical culture that we match children carefully with families, and we want our carers to be confident that our matching process considers all information available. Carers have the right to decline a proposed match if they do not feel that this would be right.

Our Placements Team are responsible for matching children with families, arranging any moves between carers and co-ordinating leaving foster homes, but also for processing carers payments and expenses, co-ordinating short break care and promoting carers' skills and availability to local authorities. 


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