Foster carers informal meeting





Team Fostering is 100% committed to promoting the professionalism of foster care.

All of our foster carers have access to comprehensive training and learning opportunities, which help in ensuring they are able to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to provide the best possible outcomes for children and young people.


Whilst in the approval process, foster carer applicants are required to complete a 3-day Skills to Foster training. This is part of the fostering assessment and is compulsory.

Once approved, all foster carers are expected to complete the Foster Carer Training and Development Standards (TSDS).

Every foster carer is given their own Personal Development Plan (PDP), which is designed to highlight specific training needs. PDP’s are updated annually at the foster carer’s review to reflect individual current and future training requirements. The plan also provides an accurate record of all training and professional development.

Over time, carers build their own Training and Learning Portfolio to sit with their PDP. In the portfolio they are expected to collate ongoing evidence of their training and professional development throughout their fostering career.

The Team Fostering training programme consists of Induction and Core training elements, covering a wide range of subjects on all matters related to fostering including:

  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding
  • Understanding and Managing Behaviour
  • Healthy Eating

Induction training is a mandatory requirement of the agency, and it is an expectation that all carers attend. It assists carers to become more competent and informed in dealing with the issues they may face.


Team Fostering will also tailor a pathway of advanced training opportunities through each Personal Development Plan for carers who work within a specialist area of fostering, and for carers who wish to progress onto higher level qualifications.