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Our Performance



Team Fostering were categorised by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ in our most recent report
for our North East office, and as ‘Good’ for our Yorkshire and East Midlands team.



We were praised for our inspirational and ambitious leadership and management, and our exceptional quality of service resulting in outstanding experiences, progress and outcomes for children and young people.

The North East report highlighted strong matching between foster carers and children saying that ‘it is very clear that only the right carers, who can meet the needs of the children and young people referred for placement, are put forward.’

Some of our foster carers were interviewed as part of the inspection/s and commented on the high level of support they feel they are given, and out effective our training is helping them to ‘understand and respond in the best way possible to the challenges of being a foster carer.

Both our latest North East and our latest Yorkshire Ofsted report can be viewed below.

Click here to view our latest North East Ofsted Report 

Click here to view our latest Yorkshire Ofsted Report




Children and young people are happy. They feel settled and cared for, and they enjoy a whole range of activities, and have access to many opportunities that they may otherwise not have had. Both the agency and the foster carers ensure that children and young people have the best opportunities to make progress and to develop into adults.’

Ofsted, March 2016