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Our Activity Programme

Participate in Team Fostering’s action-packed activity programme.

If you think back to when you were younger, most of us will be able to recall taking part in activities that have left a lasting impact on our lives.  Whether it was that trip to the seaside where that cheeky seagull stole your sandwich, or the first time you tried kayaking and ended up in the water, these moments stay with us.

At Team Fostering, we take great pride in our activities programme, and work hard, in consultation with children and foster carers, to ensure we provide a range of experiences for everyone to enjoy.


What sort of activities do we offer?

Over the years we have organised a whole host of different activities.  Some recent examples include:

  • Aqua Park Assault Course
  • Rock Climbing and other outdoor pursuits
  • Theme Parks
  • Trips to the zoo, farm parks, and local castles
  • Horse Riding
  • Theatre Trips
  • Stand Up Paddle boarding
  • A day out at the seaside
  • Art and Craft activities
  • Bowling
  • Laser Tag

In addition to these activities, we also organise several parties and big events. This includes an annual Celebration of Achievements where we highlight the success and progress that our children and young people have made. We also organise Halloween and Christmas Parties, offering great opportunities for everyone to come together.

A real jewel in our crown is our annual caravan holiday, which brings all children and foster carers together for a highly enjoyable week. The holiday is a great opportunity for carers to get to know other carers, and for children and young people to make new friends and socialise. We work hard to ensure that there are lots of things to do, and to offer the opportunity for children and young people to try out new things.


How much does it cost to take part in activities?

Our activities programme is open to everyone living in the fostering household, including birth children up to the age of 18.  Most of these activities are free of charge, offering outstanding savings for your family. There are a couple of high-cost activities where we may ask for a small contribution, but we make this clear well in advance.

In addition, if your looked after child would like to bring a friend, or if you would like to bring close family, where possible we are happy to provide additional tickets at the price it costs us.  There is also no limit to the number of activities that you can attend.


Team Fostering subsidise most activities for fostering families during the summer break, meaning that a jam-packed programme of days-out that would normally cost a family of 4 over £450 is available to our foster carers and children completely FREE. All you need to do is make your way there and we'll organise the rest. 

  Cost for 2 Adults Cost for 2 Children  Total Cost to Family
High Ropes & Climbing £27 £27 £54
Swimming at a Leisure Park £18 £15 £33
Farm & Maize Maze Visit £21.90 £21.90 £43.80
Tag Active - Leisure Centre £10 £10 £20
Diggerland £51.90 £51.90 £103.80
Outdoor Laser Tag £60 £60 £120
Aqua Park, Picnic & Games £40 £40 £80




Why is it so important to attend activities with Team Fostering?

In addition to making memories, activities offer a multitude of benefits to children and young people, from enhancing social and emotional wellbeing, as well as helping young people meet others and make new friends.

Furthermore, we hope that our activity programme will benefit foster carers by:

  • providing support for you during the holidays
  • enabling you to get to know other people at Team Fostering, to help you build your support network
  • providing opportunities for Team Fostering staff to get to know your young people, so that we can provide more personalised support


What do people think of our activities programme?

We are committed to providing experiences which people want to engage in, so welcome ideas and feedback.  Here are a few examples of recent feedback that we have received:

“I love spending time with every single person at Team, from the little children up to the adults and carers” (C aged 14)

"We enjoyed all the activities we went to, they were all a good day out, a lot of them were things you wouldn't normally do and we get to see people, a nice mix of physical activity, picnics and sightseeing, so all good really. (East Midlands Carer)

About the Team Fantastic Forestry school in October:

“I liked the chickens. I would give it 10 out of 10.” (JJH aged 8)

“I liked playing football and I enjoyed meeting new people.” (JM aged 8)

About the the online 20th Birthday Party for children:

"Since the party they’ve done nothing but charades, they loved it and I thought it was a great success thank you all." (North East Carer)

About our Art Activity:

“Rule number 1, have lots of fun!” (CT aged 9)

About Life Skills Outdoor pursuits:

"I want to do water sports next with the same group, we are a good group." (JF aged 17)

"Fun, Enjoyable and nice flapjacks." (EF aged 16)


We are always looking for new ideas for places to go and experiences to take part in. If you have a personal favourite, we would be delighted to hear from you to see if we can include it in our future plans.


Below are just some of the great photos we've captured on our activities!



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