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Razia's Story

Razia is a single foster carer based in the Yorkshire and East Midlands area.

For Razia, fostering was a brand-new experience. After a social worker working with her sister (who is also a foster carer) said that she’d also make a great carer, Razia began to think about fostering herself as a natural next step. Her son had recently moved out, and with three grown up children and a spare bedroom available in her home, she began to genuinely consider it.

Working for a not-for-profit fostering agency was very important to her when she was researching agencies, as she felt much happier working for an agency that wouldn’t be making a profit from the care of young people. She had also heard good things from other people about Team Fostering, so decided to get in touch.

It hasn’t always been easy for Razia; it can be difficult working with young people dealing with traumatic pasts, but as she explains, being given the opportunity to change a child’s life is worth all the hard work.

“You feel like you’ve had the opportunity to make an impact on a young person, and people who come to you with real difficulties can develop really well by the time they leave you. I love fostering, and you can’t put a price on the difference you can make to a child.”

Razia also speaks highly of the support provided by Team Fostering when times have been tough. “The training helps you learn everything you need to know and helps keep you on top of everything else. There’s lots of training available for you, even through Zoom sometimes and it’s all been great.”

“My Supervising Social Worker is really on the ball, she flags up things to be aware of for me, and I feel really blessed to have her.”


Even if fostering is a new decision for you, we’d love to start talking to you about taking the first steps on your fostering journey. To find out more, leave your details here.