Team Fostering | Foster Carer Stories: Gillian's Story

Gillian's Story

Gillian has fostered with her husband at Team Fostering since 2016. Below, she talks about her experience with Team Fostering: 

"If you’re thinking about becoming a foster carer, don't be put off by what others might say - if you think you can do it - go for it - you won't be alone and Team Fostering will be there to support you. It's by far the most satisfying thing we have ever done as a couple. And, we get to do it together. It isn't a job, it's a life choice and to know you are having such a positive impact on children and young people is the best reward you can have.

Our favourite thing about Team Fostering in particular is the support we get when we need it from our supervising social worker or another social worker who we will have met if it's out of hours. They are experienced and have great credibility because they know children and what we need even when we don't know ourselves.

In our professional roles before fostering, we had come into contact with children in need and looked after children. We saw parents in really challenging circumstances whose children were vulnerable. We knew that we had always had great backup from family and friends and not every parent has that support. Now, we care for children who without their mum had no-one and we get to spend time with the most amazing children. They love us and we love them, it's a ‘win win’ for everyone. There are tough times but we know why so we deal with it together and move on.

We chose Team Fostering and would encourage others to do so because it’s an independent not-for-profit agency that genuinely puts children first, and that isn't the same everywhere."

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