Team Fostering | Foster Carer Stories: Catherine's Story

Catherine's Story

Catherine lives in Sheffield and has been with Team Fostering as a single foster carer since 2015.

"I'd always thought about becoming a foster carer and then circumstances fell into place which offered the right time to take that leap and follow my dream.

I’ve been fostering with Team Fostering since 2015 and it hasn’t always been easy, especially as a single carer. However, the longer I’m in the role the more relaxed and happy I have become with my life overall. The advantages and sense of achievement you get fostering children outweighs any stressful moments you might encounter. Making a difference to the lives of young people is incredible.

Seeing a child change and become more confident in front of your eyes, especially when you know this is largely due to the care you’ve provided them with, is very rewarding. It doesn’t happen overnight and once you accept that it’s all part of a journey it becomes easier to go with the flow and take each moment as it comes.

If you are thinking about fostering, Team Fostering offers a huge amount of support and training. Their assessment gives you a real overview of what life will be like as a foster carer. Working with Team Fostering is great. It’s a caring and supportive organisation, one I really believe has children and foster carers as their top priority. They go above and beyond when you need support in hard times, and they’re fun!

Listen to other foster carers at the agency that you meet – they are supportive and have a wealth of knowledge and experience."


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- an account from Catherine, a Team Fostering Foster Carer, published October 2018