This is My Team Fostering - September 2020

Twenty years of Team Fostering

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As we head into a new year, we can find ourselves looking to the future, but not without a little bit of reflection on the past. And in 2021, that's exactly what Team Fostering is doing as we head into our 20th Birthday Year! In January 2021, we celebrate 20 years of operating as a not-for-profit fostering agency, spreading from early beginnings in the North East to a footprint that includes Yorkshire and the East Midlands now. 

Team Fostering was set up in the North East in January 2001 by Peter Richardson and Walter Young, who wanted to develop a fostering agency that wasn’t driven by profit. They were passionate about ensuring that children’s futures were at the heart of everything the agency does.  With no stakeholders, profits are reinvested back into the business to provide a high level of support and competitive levels of pay to foster carers, assisting them to make a genuine, lifelong difference to the lives of vulnerable young people.

Throughout January we'll be stepping back in time and celebrating the people and the stories of the last 20 years of Team Fostering - from the leap of faith that led Peter, Walter and a few others to set up an entirely brand-new agency around a kitchen table, to the brilliant foster carers who came on board in those very early days and the young people who continually reminded everyone involved what a huge difference that high-quality foster care made to their lives.

Here on this page, you'll find videos and blogs we'll be posting throughout the month from staff, carers and others driving into the past twenty years of Team Fostering and you'll be able to follow our social media posts online using the hashtag #TeamIs20 on twitter at @teamfostering, Instagram at @team_fostering and Facebook at