What does it mean to be an ethical agency?
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Being an Ethical Agency



We are an ethical, not-for-profit organisation with an ethos that puts young people at the heart of everything that we do. While there are some fostering agencies that make a profit, our choice not to do so reflects the fact that we are truly child-centred, investing all possible resources into the best range of support and services for you.

Operating as a not-for-profit agency means that the agency doesn't have shareholders, but guarantors. 

In 2018, Team Fostering decided to take steps to ensure that the agency's not-for-profit status was protected, or 'future-proofed,' to ensure that no-one in the futures could turn the agency into a for-profit agency. The directors met with solicitors specialising in company law and agreed a set of measures that would make it almost impossible for anyone to seize the agency’s assets for their own personal gain. The agency’s constitution, referred to as its “Memorandum & Articles of Association” was amended and a member agreement was created that now safeguards Team Fostering into the future as an ethical, not-for-profit organisation.

Foster carers do something amazing when they welcome children into their lives. They are paid an allowance that enables them to look after those children and young people, but they are essentially opening their homes and hearts to children who need a family. No-one should make money by exploiting their generosity. We’ve always believed this and we’ve always attracted staff and foster carers who share this belief. That’s why the constitution of the company matters so much.


Business Practice: Running an ethical business is about doing the right thing. That means acting in ways that are transparent, fair and honest. It’s also about being aware of the implications of our actions and the effect they have on other people and on the environment.

Employment: We strive hard to be a good employer, which includes offering flexible working, compassionate leave and a good working environment.

Equality: We’re here to provide a service for all children and young people who need it, not excluding or discriminating against anyone because of their gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or nationality.

Foster Carer Recruitment: Only those people we are confident about are taken on as foster carers. That means we will only accept an application if we think someone has shown the potential to be an excellent foster carer and what they can offer will be used by Local Authorities.


Support for Children, Young People & Foster Carers: When you get a placement with Team Fostering, you’re getting a full service, tailored to the child’s individual needs and supported in a holistic way. The support we offer to foster carers and children goes well beyond what we are required to provide in our contracts with Local Authorities.

Inclusion & Involvement: Openness and dialogue are essential components of an ethical business. We listen to people because they know what’s going on and because they matter to us.


Matching & Placements: We will only ever place a child if it is assessed as being in their best interests. If we don’t believe that our placement is the best way to secure their welfare, the placement won’t go ahead.

Suppliers: We believe it’s important to treat our suppliers ethically. This includes valuing the relationships we have with suppliers who provide a good service rather than choosing on the basis of price alone.

The Environment: We are trying to reduce our impact on the environment and become a carbon neutral company.

Promoting Foster Care: We take every opportunity to raise the profile of foster care, including participating in initiatives on a national level.

For more information on what it means for Team Fostering to be an ethical agency, click here.