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Little girl and her foster carer drawing on a book at table

Fostering in Tyne and Wear

Team Fostering Tyne and Wear: Your local, non-profit fostering agency

Fostering in Tyne and Wear is very flexible and can range from overnight to a number of years. One thing that stays consistent is the dedication and enthusiasm each foster carer in tyne and Wear continues to show their foster children. 

Team Fostering operate in Tyne and Wear and provide a range of fostering types to meet the needs of children and young people placed in foster care:

  • Short term placements 
  • Long term placements
  • Short break care
  • Specialist placements

Whilst becoming a foster carer is not an easy task, it is extremely rewarding and we ensure that all of our foster carers receive the best support, among other benefits to help them through their journey. You can read about our support here.

Visit the rest of our website to find out more about fostering, what we offer at Team and what your journey will include.