Team Fostering is celebrating LGBT+ Fostering and Adoption Week 2020
LGBT Fostering celebrated at Team Fostering in the North East, Yorkshire and East Midlands

Why Team Fostering is celebrating LGBT+ Fostering and Adoption Week 2020

06 March 2020

By Rachel Dawes, Placements Officer

This week the agency is celebrating New Family Social’s LGBT Fostering and Adoption Week 2020. The week aims to promote fostering and adoption within the LGBT community, where many prospective foster carers and adopters still wrongly believe that they would not be eligible to take on either role.

Why is it important to recognise this?

There are still some myths about LGBT fostering that need to be myth-busted. Studies still show that many LGBT+ families and individuals don’t enquire about fostering because they don’t believe they would be eligible due to their sexuality. At Team Fostering, we are proud to recruit foster carers and staff from all backgrounds and we operate with a strict zero-tolerance policy to discrimination on any grounds, including sexuality and gender. We currently work with many same sex couples and single LGBT+ foster carers, who provide fantastic homes for children and young people that need it.

In 2017 the agency signed up as an agency member to New Family Social, the UK’s leading charity for promoting LGBT+ fostering and adoption. As an agency member, our foster carers are entitled to free memberships to the service, which offers a nationwide support network of other carers and adopters. Many carers find this extremely helpful, giving them a platform to share their own experiences, read that of others and access a wide range of resources for carrying out the role of a foster carer.

We are proud to support LGBTQ+ fostering and welcome enquiries from a diverse range of families.

Team Fostering is a not-for-profit, independent fostering agency that operates across the North East, Yorkshire and East Midlands. The agency is committed to 'Putting Children's Futures First' and recruiting foster carers that are able to provide loving and stable homes for children and young people.

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