Why it's so important to celebrate the achievements of our children and young people

Why it's so important to celebrate the achievements of our children and young people

12 March 2019

Last month we hosted our annual North East 'Celebration of Achievements'. This was a great evening where the children and young people that are looked after by our foster carers received awards and recognition for their achievements over the past year.

This is not just about achievements in school, for example L’s award was for: ‘Gaining 100% attendance, reaching level 8 in swimming, beginning diving and badminton lessons and learning to roll a kayak!’, and R’s achievement: ‘For being caring and affectionate, and for filling the house with song. Being fearless when learning to swim and getting straight back onto her pony after a fall when practicing jumping!’

Lisa Leggatt, Education and Support Service Manager, discusses the importance of recognising the achievements of young people:

‘It is so important as carers and staff to show children and young people how proud of them we are for all of the achievements they have made. There is no such thing as a small achievement. We all have different starting points and our progress needs to be measured against that. Some of the experiences that some children have had before living with our carers makes their achievements even more impressive.

We host a Celebration of Achievements every Spring in the North East, and the Yorkshire and East Midlands team hold their event later in the year. At the North East celebration last month, all children that attended received recognition, certificates and awards for a range of educational, vocational or personal milestones or achievements. This is a real opportunity for our young people to shine and for our foster carers, staff and children to spend time together in celebration. Following the awards ceremony, we enjoyed some food and activities, including a variety of climbing walls to conquer and trampolining.

We had a fantastic time and would like to thank those who came along, and most importantly once again congratulate our children and young people for the fantastic things they are doing. We can’t wait to see them all again enjoying the agency activities and Team holiday over the next few months. We look forward to celebrating again next year.’


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