Foster Carers share their views on operating as a not-for-profit agency

What does our not-for-profit status mean for our foster carers?

28 February 2020

Team Fostering is a not-for-profit agency that invests surplus made into the services provided to foster carers, children and young people. This ensures that there are no shareholders who are able to make any profit from children in care, and that we can continue to advance the package of support, training and allowances for foster carers in order to ensure they flourish in their role.

We are an agency member of The Fairer Fostering Partnership along with other charitable or not-for-profit organisations who believe in putting children before profit. 

We spoke to our foster carers about our not-for-profit status and what it means to them, and they agreed to share their thoughts on working for an ethical agency.

Here's what they said...

'It means Team are transparent and plough profits back into the organisation. Staff are caring and committed to carers. It one big family and the staff and other foster carers care for all of our children. It's wonderful.'

'Because of Team Fostering's not-for-profit status I feel am aware of their being truthful, fair and honest in all areas of the fostering task.'

'I will stay with Team Fostering because I know that they will remain not-for-profit and that they will always put back into the agency.'

'All £££s are put at the centre of the agency to support the children and not the bank balance, once sustainability is assured. All the money is invested in children and this is unlike other agencies where shareholders are only interested in profit. I could never work for a for-profit agency.'

'Managers and staff have a whole life ethos of being caring and nurturing, leading by example.'



If you're considering becoming a foster carer, or if you're already fostering and considering moving to another agency, we would urge you to consider speaking to a not-for-profit provider. Foster carers and staff at Team Fostering share a firm belief that no profit should be made from children in care, and as a result of this the agency is able to use funds to provide comprehensive support, innovative training and competitive fees so that you can take on the role knowing the agency is behind you every step of the way.

To speak with us you can contact us in the following ways: