Team Fostering celebrates the impact of our staff on foster carers, children and young people

The impact of employee commitment on foster carers, children and young people

29 May 2019

 By Debbie, a Supervising Social Worker at Team Fostering

‘Team Fostering has just conducted its annual Employee Survey and as part of this the agency is celebrating its achievements as an employer with very low staff turnover. In fact, many staff members have been at Team Fostering since the very day it was created.

I’ve just celebrated my 15-year anniversary at the agency, and there are some staff that have been here since before I joined. Team Fostering promotes low staff turnover by providing support, initiatives and schemes that drive well-being and belonging. The agency’s not-for-profit status is important to all staff, with its passionate commitment to putting children’s futures first being highly visible at all levels. Knowing that you are part of that is incredibly rewarding and is a huge reason that staff stay with the agency so long.

In turn, this has a significant impact on the support offered to our foster carers, those that are looking after children and young people every day, allowing them to carry out their role with stable support and staff that know them well. Along with its mission statement to put children's futures first, the agency prides itself on values of honesty, transparency, reliability and respect, and these are assisted by stability in our staffing structure. Foster carers know all staff, and vice versa, and it allows us to work together to offer support and care for children in line with their individual needs.’


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