Why should siblings stay together when they are fostered?

Team Fostering celebrates National Sibling Day

10 April 2019

It’s National Siblings Day and we’re promoting keeping siblings together when they are in need of a foster home.

Many different types of children need looked after and this can include groups or pairs of brothers and sisters. Foster carers can provide a loving and caring home to siblings helping keep them together rather than separate them to live in different homes. Foster carers with one spare room can look after a pair of same-sex siblings, while those with more than spare room could offer mixed-sex siblings or a larger group of brothers and sisters a home.

At Team Fostering, we believe in doing our utmost to keep brothers and sisters together unless there is a reason that this shouldn’t happen. Often this is the only tie children have to their families and to separate them could create anxiety and instability. When children are first placed in a fostering home they are likely to be frightened and having their siblings with them can be a comfort and a sense of normality during what is a turbulent moment in their young lives, creating better emotional wellbeing and a smoother settling in period.

Fostering siblings can be extremely rewarding for foster carers, too. At Team Fostering there are currently a number of brothers and sisters living with our foster carers. In fact, one of our foster carers is currently looking after a sibling group of 4!

Team Fostering is an independent, not-for-profit agency that offers a very comprehensive support structure, innovative training opportunities and competitive fees and allowances. If you would like to learn more about providing a home for siblings, you can speak to us in a number of ways: