Iraq social workers visit Team Fostering as part of UK visit
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STEP visit Team Fostering from Iraq

01 May 2018

Team Fostering continues to offer support and advice to foster care organisations from around the world.

In April we hosted a group of social workers and managers from Iraq as part of their visit to the UK. Representatives from STEP, an international development charity, and the Kurdish Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, visited Team and benefited from our expertise. The group met with Foster Carers, Managers and Social Workers in the North East Region and gained valuable insights that will help them to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people in the Kurdish region of Iraq. 

Recent events in Iraq have raised huge challenges. Rachel Newton from STEP fed back how encouraging it was to learn about our work, saying: “It’s been a long road, but we are making progress.”

Team Fostering Director Walter Young, who has previously worked in Iraq with the charity SFAC, said: “I’m delighted that we can share our knowledge and experience with STEP and the Kurdish Regional Government. This visit to the UK has offered them the chance to learn about what we do and why it’s so successful. Sharing our expertise in this way can make a big difference to children’s lives.”

We operate as an ethical agency whose sole mission is to put children's futures first. We continually arrange or partake in opportunities such as last month's visit and believe it is important to build relationships with like-minded organisations across the globe.


If you're interested in fostering or in learning more about what it means to operate as an ethical agency, you can speak with us on 0800 292 2003.