Team Fostering - Our Continuity Plan

Team Fostering - Our Continuity Plan

30 March 2020

Here at Team Fostering, we’re aware that it’s a troubling time for everyone, including our children and young people, our foster carers, our staff and our many colleagues in other organisations. We’re conscious that at this moment, when so much is fluctuating in our day to day worlds, any stability we can provide at this time is appreciated.

While we're being advised to stay at home, many vulnerable children and young people remain in uncertain, unstable home situations. By becoming a foster carer, you can help improve the lives of the young people we work with.

We’re aware that at the moment, although you may be considering becoming a foster carer, you may be unsure if it’s the right thing to progress with at this time – please do get in touch, our expert team are here to chat through any questions and concerns you might have, and help you take the first step on your foster care journey. 

We will continue to recruit our prospective foster carers on an ongoing basis, and we are adapting our recruitment process using telephone, video calling and other technology to help us progress applications where appropriate. We are also introducing an Online Application Form to simplify the recruitment process further. 

Team Fostering is committed to providing continuity of service to all our children, carers, staff and others during the Coronavirus outbreak, and we are putting resources in place which will support us to do this.  We have now moved to working from home for all of our staff members to support social distancing measures, but we continue to operate as normal – you can still reach us on our central office telephone numbers, and 24/7 cover will remain in place with our Supervisory Social Workers throughout this time.

Planning is taking place to consider the best way to undertake important meetings with our carers, using technology and telephone, and we are looking at how we can best facilitate events including fostering panels in other ways.

All other processes will proceed as usual, with any necessary adjustments required. We are aware that the current COVID-19 situation is constantly changing, and we will remain adaptable to any updates we receive, while striving to provide a consistent service to those we work with.

You can also find our COVID Secure Risk Assessment here.

We wish you good health.

Team Fostering is an independent, not-for-profit fostering agency operating across the North East, Yorkshire and East Midlands. We have strong, ethical values and behaviours and continually look to welcome new foster carers to the team. Read our eligibility criteria by clicking here.

If you're interested in learning more about fostering, you can get in touch in one of the following ways: