More about: Parent and Child Fostering

More about: Parent and Child Fostering

07 December 2018

Parent and Child Fostering is a specialist type of fostering where a parent and their birth child are looked after by a foster carer.

The aim of this is to provide support and guidance to the parent, usually the mother, so that they may eventually provide independent care for their child.

Parent and Child Fostering is an alternative to putting young parents in residential units and helps to provide the support they need at the early stages of their relationship.

Without this support, these relationships can often break down and lead to separation of the parent from their child.


The Benefits of Parent and Child Fostering

A foster carer can help with the development of a crucial bond between the parent and child at an important stage in the child’s life. This can be extremely rewarding for the foster carer, who is able to see the attachment and bond grow first-hand. The support given by the foster carer while they look after the family provides the parent with an insight into the lifelong parenting skills required for them to look after their child independently.

Providing this support in a stable environment helps the parent to focus on looking after their child and provides them with vital resources they wouldn’t have access to elsewhere.

In turn, the child benefits from the extra support received by the parent, giving them the best start in life.

Fostering a Parent and Child can be challenging but is a very rewarding experience. At Team Fostering this type of fostering is considered as a specialist role and so is supported with specialist one-to-one support, training and higher fees than some other types of fostering.


As a foster carer with us, you will be:

  • offered extensive training on the role of a foster carer, including training relevant to parent and child fostering
  • designated a supervising social worker who will support your throughout your fostering career
  • provided with access to our 24/7 support system, managed locally by social workers you'll meet and know
  • provided with competitive fees that allow you to carry out your role full-time


Our foster carers...

  • are resilient, understanding and dedicated to putting children's futures first
  • are resourceful
  • want to provide a safe and secure home to children and young people
  • want to make a difference


Read our eligibility criteria for fostering with us by clicking here.

Team Fostering is a not-for-profit fostering agency operating across the North East, Yorkshire and East Midlands. 

We have strong, ethical values and behaviours and continually look to welcome new foster carers to the team.

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