In Loving Memory of Peter Richardson

16 September 2017

“It is my hope for the future that all of us; staff, carers and children, will always remember why Team Fostering exists, and that the very special feeling we have of everyone working together as part of a team will always carry on and on."

- Peter Richardson, 2003


Peter Richardson was a founder and director of Team Fostering, and we sadly lost him quite suddenly in January 2009. He is remembered by staff, foster carers and young people as having a huge, fun personality, and is hugely missed by all who knew him.

As part of NCS North East’s summer programme, one of our young people was part of a team tasked with redeveloping a garden within Locke Park, Redcar. We received a call from him over the summer and he updated us on what he’d been doing, and we were taken aback when he put forward his idea to create a memorial to Peter Richardson within the garden. We spoke with Peter’s mother who agreed that this was a lovely idea, and let our young person know that we were all happy for him to do this.

A silver plaque has been fixed to a bench in the children’s area of Lock Parke, in memory of Peter. Peter had a huge influence on so many people at Team, and we were overwhelmed with the response of foster carers and staff. It seemed fitting to arrange a get-together where all of those who knew Peter could come along and share a toast to him, which we did at the end of the school holidays. The gardens are beautiful and NCS have done fantastic work.

Peter had a very relaxed and informal style – but he liked to do things the right way. He was driven by an utterly honest commitment to providing the best possible opportunities for children in care. He was not motivated by status, financial, or personal gain. Instead, he devoted his life to pressing on with and promoting the strong ethics that underpin Team Fostering, and the agency wouldn’t be where it was today without his devotion.

We’re very grateful to NCS North East and to our inspiring young person who together made this memorial possible. A lot of hard work went into it and it means so much to everybody at Team.

Finally, we would like to wish children and young people, our foster carers and staff a huge well done for their hard work over the past year. We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and look forward to the year ahead.