Team Fostering: Latest News - How do our Drop-In Advice days work?

How do our Drop-In Advice days work?

10 July 2020

While we’ve been in lockdown this year, Team Fostering has been exploring different ways to stay in touch with people who are considering becoming foster carers with the agency. We know it’s often a big decision to make even if you’ve been thinking about fostering for a while, and often you’ll have a whole bunch of questions you’d like to ask before you take your first step towards being a foster carer.

We also know that sometimes, when you’re looking for information about a big lifestyle change like fostering, a face-to-face conversation with someone friendly really helps – so as we entered social distancing this year, we wanted to make it just as easy for you to have a useful chat with our recruitment team about becoming a carer with our agency.  

This is why we introduced our new Drop-In Advice days. One day a month, you can book a 45 minute slot with our Recruitment Social Workers, Cheryl and Douglas, who’ll explain more about Team Fostering and what we offer, chat through what we look for in our prospective foster carers, and answer any questions you might have about becoming a foster carer with Team Fostering.  It can be a phone or a video call, and offers the perfect opportunity to find out whether fostering is the right thing for you to explore right now.

It’s really easy to book – just visit our booking page here select your chosen time and scroll down to leave us your contact details. One of our Recruitment Team will get in touch to confirm who your appointment will be with, and whether you’d prefer a phone or video call with us. And then that’s it until Cheryl or Douglas gives you a call!

Our upcoming Drop-In days take place next week on Tuesday 14th July, and then again on Tuesday 11th August.


If you can’t make it to our Drop In sessions, don’t forget you can contact us to learn more about becoming a foster carer in one of the following ways: