Children before Profit

26 July 2017

Proud to be a member of The Fairer Fostering Partnership

We always put children before profit.


The Fairer Fostering Partnership is a group of charitable and not-for-profit fostering agencies across the UK whose members look after over 2,000 children in care.

It represents the views, perspectives and experience of its member agencies, of which Team Fostering is proud to be one. 
In the charitable and not-for-profit sector, all resources remain within each provider to ensure a total focus on the needs of children and young people, including advancing on the services and support offered to all members of foster families.
Fairer Fostering also has a lobbying function that aims to advocate for children in respect of regulation, as well as representing its membership at central government level. 
You can find out more about the group here, and if you'd like further information on what it means to be a not-for-profit agency, you can speak with us on 0800 292 2003 or via