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Breezy beach days with Team Fostering

02 September 2022

I have just spent a wonderful few hours on a breezy South Shields beach with an amazing group of carers and their inspirational children and young people. This was the last of a series of activities and events that the Education and Support Service arrange for the summer holidays. The list has included visits to amusement parks, picnics in woods, surf lessons but the Party on the Beach was the ‘main event’. Unfortunately, the weather could have been kinder but still a number of our families and staff arrived appropriately dressed and with their sandwiches.

Photo: Rachel Dawson

The Party on the Beach was a fantastic opportunity for our carers to meet with each other and to share their experiences of fostering, to offer and receive support and insight from someone who knows exactly what it is like to care for children who have had a difficult start to their young lives. It was great to see staff and carers joining the children with the sandcastle competition and the beach volleyball.

Photo: Rachel Dawson

Most importantly it is truly heart-warming to see the progress our children and young people have made since they have been living with their family. Many have grown in stature, but all have grown in confidence. The range of activities provide our children with a chance to meet other children and young people who understand what it is like to be them. The friendships that develop are mutually supportive and the children know they will be able to meet up at any one of the events that are arranged.

If ever I needed a reminder about why I work for Team Fostering events such as today are the best. A windy, cloudy day on a South Shields beach with an amazing group of people, what could be better?

Rachael Johnson,
Assistant Director (North East)
Team Fostering

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