Bev shares her experience as a foster carer

Bev's Story

29 May 2020

Bev has been a foster carer since 1992, and fosters with Team Fostering in our North East region.

We asked her about her time with the agency and life as a foster carer..

What inspired you to become a foster carer, and how has it impacted your life?

At 14 years old I helped at a local children’s home at weekends and school holidays. I loved it – the kids were fab! 

I went on to marry my partner and we had 3 daughters. I went into childminding when our youngest was 6 years old. We began fostering in 1992 and in 1999 we adopted a little boy who had been placed with us at 4 months old. We continued to foster after this.

Fostering doesn’t ‘impact our life’, it IS our life. We absolutely love what we do and our children have always been so supportive.

What’s your favourite thing about fostering?

Seeing a child shine and blossom is hard to put into words. Those moments when a child or young person tells you that they feel safe, that they trust you. We’re still visited by some of the young people we’ve looked after who are now independent adults, and it’s so joyous.

What’s your favourite thing about Team Fostering as an agency?

Team Fostering is a professional but relaxed agency, with friendly and child-centred staff. Other foster carers and myself feel that we can approach the staff and managers with ease, and that the children and young people in placements with us are treat as ‘Team’s Children’.  

The agency has a very good reputation for doing the very best for children, and our kids tell us the same thing.

What advice would you give to somebody who was thinking about becoming a foster carer?

The role is a life changing role that requires commitment and staying power to overcome the challenging moments. But, the good times and achievements make the few tough times just seem like a tiny blip and I could never see a day not fostering.

Team Fostering has amazing staff and truly the best foster carers, with great training opportunities. If you become a foster carer, my advice would be to simply enjoy it, and let the rewards outweigh the challenges!


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