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'A good foster carer' by ER

16 September 2019

This month we're celebrating Team Fostering as an agency to call home for children, young people, foster carers and staff. 

A young person in care with one of our foster carers put together a poem to highlight what makes a good foster carer to them, and we wanted to share this today..


What makes a good foster carer?

by E.R.

Some who listens, someone who cares,

Who understands and is always there.

When you’re troubled, when you’re down,

Never mind because your carer’s around.

Someone who’s bubbly, someone who dares,

With the emotions to show that they care.

Sometimes you don’t like them, but just stick around,

Because they take chances and never let you down.



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We take pride in recruiting foster carers from all walks of life, creating a true sense of home for children and young people in our care.

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