Team Fostering | What is Fostering?

What is Fostering?

Sometimes children and young people experience situations where they are unable to live with their birth family. This might be a temporary solution, for example, while a birth parent is unwell, or can be a long-term requirement, when the family home has become unstable or neglectful. When this is the case, foster carers can provide a safe, stable family environment for these children.

Foster carers will provide day-to-day care, ongoing support and a place to live for young people in need. With the help of a generous fostering allowance carers will ensure that fostered children and young people have everything they need; from food, to clothes, or books for school, in the same way that they would when they have their own birth children.

Foster carers are people who are recruited, trained, assessed, and approved by fostering providers like Team Fostering, to ensure that the children they look after will receive a high standard of care in the time that they live with them. It’s not always easy, but carers can often make a life-changing difference to young people who desperately need their support.

Carers at Team Fostering often come from a wide range of professional backgrounds – some have lots of childcare experience built up over a career, while others are new to working with young people but have the time and motivation to provide a secure, stable home where needed. All carers receive training and support to grow and develop their skills in this area.


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