Team Fostering: Could You Foster? - Types of Fostering: Short-Term Fostering

Short-Term Fostering

Short-term fostering takes place when local authorities identify that a child needs to be cared for outside of the family home for a short period of time.

This can mean that a child has been removed from their home due to concerns for their safety, or even that their parents or guardians cannot look after them for a time because of illness or a family breakdown. Although there is no time limit to short-term fostering, it is a temporary form of fostering which often lasts for weeks or months until the child is returned home or a long-term or permanent arrangement is made, if required.

Children and young people in short-term care require a period of stability and providing this kind of care can grant a young person some time, space and safety during what can be an uncertain time. Carers who provide short-term care can give a stable, supportive home to children who may not know what is around the corner for them, while discussions take place – in consultation with the child – about their long-term future.

Short-Term Fostering:

  • Helps children or young people maintain their regular routine including school and activities.
  • Can help children understand and cope with their emotions during a period of upheaval.
  • Supports young people to maintain contact with their birth family where appropriate.

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