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Parent and Child Fostering

Sometimes young people become parents themselves, at a stage in their life where they’re not yet ready or capable of beginning parenthood unsupported. Parent and child fostering can help young parents take the first steps on their parenting journey with the support of an experienced foster carer.

This allows the foster carer to support the parent, ensure a high quality of care for the parent’s child and guide both towards managing on their own, reducing the likelihood of the parent and child being separated.

Parent and child arrangements often involve teaching a parent how to care for their child and meet their basic needs, as well as providing a foundation of stability, safety and boundaries for the child. The parents are not always young mothers, they can include fathers too – but by guiding their parenting skills and providing invaluable support at a vulnerable time, you can give new families the best possible opportunity to move towards a positive future.

Parent and Child Fostering: 

  • Helps young parents develop confidence and independence in looking after their child.
  • Provides a safe and stable environment for the earliest period of a baby’s life, ensuring the good health and happiness of the child.
  • Helps keep young children within their own families wherever possible, which is beneficial for long-term positive outcomes.

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Patsy's Story: Parent and Child Fostering

What's it really like as a parent and child foster carer? What can you expect alongside the nappies and bottles? Our foster carer Patsy talks about what it's like fostering young people with their own children at Team Fostering. 

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