Team Fostering: Could You Foster? - Types of Fostering: Long-Term Fostering

Long-Term Fostering

Long-term fostering provides substitute care when a child or young person in care is unable to return to their family. Adoption may be unsuitable for them, and a long-term foster care placement allows a child to develop a stable, secure relationship with their carer until adulthood.

When they reach 18 they may explore independent living (often with the support of their foster carer), but can also enter something called Staying Put* which allows them to remain with their foster carer until independence.

Sometimes a child will be placed with a foster carer as a long-term arrangement or match when they first enter care, but it can also sometimes be a short-term arrangement which becomes long-term if the child is happy and secure.

Long-term fostering is different to adoption in that children who are being fostered long-term legally remain in the care of the Local Authority for the duration of the arrangement, and fostering regulations continue to apply throughout that time. Adoption means that carers become the child’s legal guardians in the eyes of the law and will be granted parental responsibility. Many carers choose to remain as long-term foster carers, giving them continued access to the support, training, and benefits granted by working with Team Fostering.

*Staying Put is a framework in place for care-leavers who have reached the age of 18. This means that young people who have reached adulthood but who may not yet be ready to live independently can continue receiving support from their long-term foster carer, until they reach the age of 21 or leave the fostering household.

Long-Term Fostering:

  • Helps young people develop healthy relationships and find positive role models as they grow up.
  • Supports young people to develop a ‘care plan’ with their carers and social workers, giving them a voice and allowing them input into their own care.
  • Can help foster positive relationships with birth family outside of the family home.

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