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Fostering Children with Disabilities

Team Fostering supports young people with a wide range of complex or additional needs. Sometimes these needs require psychological support, or additional education guidance, but sometimes the children we work with have medical conditions and disabilities which need to be considered when planning their care.

This can include developmental, learning and sensory disabilities which include, but are not limited to; autism, ADHD, visual or hearing impairments and brain injury, through to physical disabilities which may affect a child’s mobility and ongoing health. You don’t need existing professional experience to foster a child with a disability, but any prior experience in this area will be beneficial and Team Fostering will provide a comprehensive training package to support you.

Fostering Children with Disabilities:

  • Often doesn’t require special adaptations to be made to your home. You may need to be more vigilant with children with disabilities to ensure their safety, but many times, a spare bedroom is all you’ll need to support a young person with additional needs.
  • Does tend to need more time and commitment from a foster carer than non-specialist fostering. Our Placements team will consider your family dynamic, lifestyle and resources to ensure that both carers and young people will have everything they need for the arrangement to succeed and progress positively.

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