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Emergency Fostering

Emergency fostering is the most immediate type of foster care, and requires an urgent response from local authorities, fostering agencies and foster carers.

Sometimes children enter into care suddenly to protect them from danger, disruption or homelessness and emergency foster carers are required to be flexible, resilient and prepared for the unexpected.

Emergency fostering can be a very short-term form of fostering, which can last from just a few days while a longer-term arrangement is made, right up to years if it is in the interest of the young person. It offers foster carers an opportunity to help make vulnerable, often scared, children feel safe, comfortable and supported in the time the children are with them. You may need to support a child to maintain their usual routine; supporting them to attend school, activities or medical appointments in the short time they are with you.

Emergency Fostering:

  • Often means that there is no time for introductions, but wherever possible, the child or young person will be given information about the foster family prior to meeting, to ease their fears and concerns at an uncertain time.
  • May lead to a short- or long-term fostering arrangement if the child matches well with the fostering household.
  • Is something that most foster carers will be asked to consider through their fostering career. Assistance will be provided by Team Fostering’s Placement and Social Work teams to ensure the welfare of the child and help carers provide the highest quality support for the short time the child is with them.

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