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Transferring from another agency



Many of our enquiries come from existing foster carers who wish to transfer to Team Fostering. Some of these are carers who currently foster with other agencies and who already have a child or young person in placement.

The decision to transfer from another agency is a big one. While we recommend thinking very carefully about it, we are always happy to discuss the process with those who are interested in transferring, and to help you in deciding whether it’s the right move for everyone involved.



  • We offer an extremely high level of support.
  • Extensive and well-organised training opportunities are available at Team Fostering.
  • We are an ethical not-for-profit agency, with the wellbeing of children and young people being at the heart of everything that we do, and this is something that appeals to carers.
  • We offer a fantastic range of free activities, holidays and trips for children and young people in our care, and foster carers are highly impressed with this.

You can find out more on what makes Team Fostering different here

When transferring to Team Fostering with a child in placement we will work closely with your current fostering agency, as well as the relevant Local Authority, to ensure a smooth transition for both yourself and the young person in care. We ensure that there will not be a break in the fees you are paid, and this is so that you are able to continue to provide the best quality of care during the transfer.

In order to start the transfer process, we require you to make an enquiry here.


Once we have received your enquiry we will contact you to arrange a visit, where you can discuss your background and circumstances with a member of our recruitment team. During this visit, we will explain the transfer process in full detail. We can also provide you with a selection of contact details for other foster carers who have transferred to us in the past, so that they can explain the process experience to you first-hand.

Team Fostering will do everything possible to support carers who begin a transfer process with us, and The Fostering Network have published the Transfer of Foster Carer Protocol which Team Fostering adhere to.

If you aren’t quite ready to register an enquiry with us but would like to chat with us about transferring agencies, more detail on our assessment process or anything else, contact your local Team Fostering office.