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LGBTQ+ Fostering

Team Fostering is an agency that prides itself on promoting diversity and operating with zero-tolerance towards discrimination.

We receive calls from LGBTQ+ individuals and couples who believe their sexuality prevents them from becoming foster carers. At Team Fostering we have many LGBTQ+ fostering families, some who foster as single carers and some who foster as couples. There are certain criteria all carers, regardless of sexuality or gender, need to meet. For example, foster carers need to be over 21, be able to drive and have a spare bedroom that could be used for a child or young person.


In 2017 Team Fostering signed up as an agency member to New Family Social, the UK’s leading charity for promoting LGBTQ+ fostering and adoption. As an agency member our foster carers are entitled to free individual memberships to the service which offers a national support network for carers and adopters. Many of our foster carers find this extremely helpful with access to a platform to share experiences, speak with other LGBTQ+ foster carers and access a range of resources for fostering.

We are proud to support LGBTQ+ fostering and welcome enquiries from a diverse range of families.

To learn more about fostering with Team Fostering or discuss any eligibility concerns you have, use our online enquiry form to request a call back.


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