Memorial Funds

“It is my hope for the future that all of us; staff, carers and children, will always remember why Team Fostering exists, and that the very special feeling we have of everyone working together as part of a team will always carry on and on."

Peter Richardson, Founding Director


The Peter Richardson Fund

Peter Richardson was a founder and Director of the Team Fostering, and was cherished by staff and foster carers alike. Very sadly, he died quite suddenly in January 2009.

He had a huge, fun personality and is still greatly missed by everyone who knew him, and this fund is dedicated to his memory.

The Peter Richardson Fund was set up to pay for opportunities and experiences for children and young people of all ages that cannot be paid for by the local authority. Such examples of these would be Attendance at a Stage School in the holiday period Holiday activities to enhance skills, confidence building etc.

School trips Charity or project work abroad. Any other activity which would enhance a child or young persons’ feeling of self-worth and self-esteem, boost their confidence and expand their knowledge base.

How to apply for funding

Applications can be received from the child or young person, the foster carer responsible for the child or young persons or from the Supervising Social Worker, but must be accompanied with written support from the Supervising Social Worker.


Helen Middleton Fund

Helen Middleton was a member of staff who had a particular desire to assist young people taking the transition from being in care to adulthood and independence. She died tragically in an accident in April 2007, and this fund was set up in her memory.

The Helen Middleton Fund was set up with a £15,000 donation from Team Fostering, alongside other donations. This money supports looked after young people making their transition to independence and will pay for training and education to support employment such as driving lessons, laptops and equipment to meet the requirements of a new job.

Helen Middleton Fund Eligibility Criteria

The fund is available to young people who have been placed with Team Fostering and were 16 or over on 1st August 2007. Applications can be made by the young person until they reach the age of 25.

The funding should not be available to a young person by any other means.

Funding cannot be provided for services that should be provided by the Local Authority, and in those circumstances where other statutory bodies e.g. the Education Authority had a responsibility to provide the service.

The maximum amount available is £500 per young person, but the Trustees reserve the right to be flexible in their approach and allocate more money in exceptional circumstances.

The young person, foster carer or Supervising Social Worker can apply for the funding.