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Fees, Benefits and Allowances


Team Fostering offer competitive rates of pay which are reviewed regularly to ensure that we stay ahead in the market.

Among other benefits, our carers are supported with car mileage allowance, 2 weeks’ short break care (14 days holiday), and a cash bonus after 5 years of working with us.

At present, carers will receive between £315.07 and £425.18 per week per child, or up to £841.96 per week for certain types of specialist placements (depending on the age of the placed child/children). We also offer all carers a membership to a Life Assurance Scheme. Foster carers are expected to register as self-employed with HMRC, but they can use a simplified method to calculate tax, called ‘Qualifying Care Relief’. This means foster carers often pay little or no tax on fostering income. To find out more, you can visit www.fostertax.co.uk.

We provide a comprehensive 24/7 support package that has been recognised as outstanding and shows commitment to providing foster carers with the support, advice and encouragement that they need in order to be successful in their role. All carers will be allocated a Supervising Social Worker, be supported by our Education Support and Services team and be eligible to take part in a wide range of training throughout the year. When you foster with Team Fostering, you can be sure that you’ll be supported throughout the entire process, from initial enquiry right through to having a child or young person in placement. Our aim is to support you as much as we can so that you can develop and enhance your role as a carer, and as part of this we will always ensure you receive all the financial benefits that you are entitled to.


We believe that our children and young people, along with their carers, should have fun, and we are extremely involved in maximising opportunities for days out, trips, activities and holiday. Many agencies across the country have had to cut back on the trips and activities they provide over the past few years, or introduce a charge to those who wish to get involved. Team Fostering, however, continue to offer a very exciting range of things to do for our carers and children, all funded by us. This includes day trips over the holidays including the likes of farm visits, theme parks, activity centres, sports challenges and more, and we ensure that we provide a diverse range of activities so that there is something for children of all ages to enjoy. We offer annual holidays in the UK over Summer, and have received fantastic feedback for the Christmas events that we host for carers and young people alike.


RECOMMEND A FRIEND We operate a ‘Recommend a Friend’ scheme for those who work with us. If an existing carer recommends Team Fostering to someone who is interested in fostering, they will receive a £500 bonus once the suggested individual is successfully approved and has begun their first placement. For further details on this scheme please speak with your Supervising Social Worker.