Class of 2017: Showjumping pro!

14 August 2017

Team Fostering are looking back at some of the huge achievements that children and young people, looked after by our Foster Carers, have made over the past year.

It feels like only yesterday that we saw in the new year, but the school holidays for Summer 2017 are fast approaching. Foster Carers and staff thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on the achievements made by children in our care over the last 12 months, whether educational or in their home life.

Helen, one of our Foster Carers in the North East region, has a 10 year old boy in placement. She has been congratulated by other carers recently for the support and determination that she's provided for the child in her care while he's built up a hobby in show jumping.
She first introduced the activity to him two years ago, at which point it took him half an hour to build up the confidence to even climb onto one of the ponies at their local stable.
With lots of practice on his part, and loving support on hers, the 10 year old has now completed an 80m course as part of a competition against all ages, even adults!
Helen has noticed a huge difference in his self-esteem, spending regular time at the stables which has also provided the child with a positive sense of responsibility.
'He even mucked out when it was -3 degrees, without a complaint,' Helen said, and we've heard from other carers that she's spent many an hour herself in the freezing cold while he's had his riding lessons!
It was lovely for the agency to hear about, for carers and staff alike, and it just goes to show the huge impact that the hard work of Foster Carers can have on young people's lives.
A truly deserved well done to the child and to the whole family!