Class of 2017: Attend today, achieve tomorrow!

19 August 2017

In the last week of term, we’re continuing to celebrate our ‘Class of 2017,’ and we heard from one of our Foster Carers in the North East with another story of success.

School attendance for children and young people in care can often be lower than average, and it can be difficult to break the pattern of low attendance. At Team Fostering we often celebrate higher than average attendance figures for children in care, and this year makes no exception.

For the past year three children have been in placement with a Team Fostering carer, who we spoke to this week. When they first joined him and his family, their school attendance was poor, at around 50 – 60%. Approaching the end of their first school year in their foster home, we were delighted to hear that two of the children have achieved 100% attendance, with the third receiving just under 100%. This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the huge impact that the drive, resilience and immense support provided by Foster Carers can have on children in care.
The improvement in their attendance at school has had very positive impacts on other areas of their education, allowing them to catch up by 1 – 2 years. One of the children caught up with school by two full years and performed extremely well in the recent SATS, scoring just below 100.
This change in school attendance is a huge achievement for all three of the children, and the further influences of this result will be significant in the rest of their education and school lives. A huge well done to the children in placement, and huge thanks to the Team foster family for this brilliant accomplishment.  
Agency-wide school attendance figures are usually published by Team later in the year, against the national LAC average. We will provide this update as soon as all results have been reviewed.