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Meet The Team

Jane Butler, CEO

Before joining Team Fostering I knew directly of the agency’s excellent reputation in the sector, and it absolutely lives up to this and exceeds all expectations I had. Our positive, not-for-profit agency is dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people, and our foster carers and staff are all unreservedly committed to this mission. I am relatively new to the role, having joined in May 2017. Already, I have been amazed at the length in which all carers and colleagues are hardworking, self-motivated and passionate about Team, all demonstrating a very strong 'can do' attitude. This is what helps to make great things happen, and you can be sure that at Team Fostering they certainly will.

I work across the agency’s five offices, with a base at our Sheffield office and can be reached via



Rachael Johnson, Assistant Director

I’m Rachael and I’m the Assistant Director for Team Fostering in the North East, which includes both our North Tyneside and Teesside office.

I’ve worked in a variety of roles at Team Fostering since joining, and still to this day continue to be amazed at the hard work of our children and young people, foster carers and staff. There is a unified approach to ensuring our mission statement, ‘putting children’s futures first’, is actioned at the heart of every decision we make, and it’s incredible to be part of.

I am usually based at our North Tyneside office, and can be reached via




Kathleen Walley, Assistant Director

Hello, I became Assistant Director for Yorkshire and East Midlands in February 2016, covering our Sheffield, Leeds and Mansfield offices. Prior to this I had worked for the agency as Quality Standards Manager.

 In the time I have been at Team I have never ceased to be impressed by the commitment and dedication shown by foster carers and staff to the children in our care. There is a real sense of teamwork to improve outcomes for children and make sure we are constantly ‘Putting Children’s Futures First’. That experience led to me wanting to lead and develop the region further as Assistant Director, and I have never looked back.

I am usually based at our Sheffield office, and can be reached via